Breakfast الإفطار     

  • Foul Modamasفول مدمس: Cooked fava beans with special Middle Eastern seasoning , garlic, lemon juice & olive oil  (V) 
  • Hummusحمص: Chick peas dip with tahini  ,garlic & lemon juice. (V)  
  • Labnehلبنة  :Rich & creamy  Middle Eastern style spread cheese 
  • Halawa (Tahini Halva) حلاوة : Made with sugar &  ground sesame seeds. (V)  
  • Scrambled eggsبيض  مخفوق    
  • Falafelفلافل:   Deep fried vegetable patty of chickpeas and parsley mixed with our special blend of spices. (V) ( 6Pcs , 12 Pcs) 
  • Qallayihقلاية بندورة     :   sautéed tomatoes stew  with onions, olive oil, pepper, and salt  (V)  
  • Mfarrakih  مفركة   :  Diced potatoes and eggs  
  • Fried Mediterranean cheese جبنة مقلية    : Crunchy fried Mediterranean cheese (4Pcs) 
  •  Fattihفته  :  Deep fried pita bread pieces topped with: warm chickpeas, hummus, creamy yogurt and sizzling pine nuts   (V) 

Handmade traditional flatbread (Taboun bread) baked to order in a burning stone oven , with the topping of your choice: 

  • Zeit & Zaatarزيت وزعتر  : A delicious mix of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and olive oil. …
  • Cheeseجبنة  : Mediterranean cheese with parsley 
  • Cheese & Zaatarنص جبنة ونص زعتر  :  Half cheese half zeit & Zaatar   
  • Beef (Sfeeha)صفيحة باللحمة  :   Ground beef mixed with tomatoes, onions and our special spices mix. 

A traditional Middle Eastern freshly made to order pie-style pastry baked in a burning stone oven, with the filling of your choice.  

  • Ground beef  لحمة : mixed with tomatoes, onions and our special spices mix…
  • Cheese جبنة: Mediterranean  cheese & parsley  
  • Zeit & Zaatar زيت وزعتر: A delicious mix of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and olive oil. 
  • Spinach سبانخ : Spinach mixed with onions and sumac . 
  • Potatoes بطاطا : Seasoned mashed potatoes  
  • Hot dog: beef hot-dog  


  • Fried white Mediterranean  cheese  (4 Pcs) جبنة مقلية   
  • Kibbeh كبة  : Spheres of ground beef and cracked wheat, stuffed with minced beef, onion and pine nut.  (2Pcs  , 5Pcs) 
  • Seasoned Rice رز مبهر : Home-style Seasoned Rice  
  • Sambousek سمبوسك :  Cheese or Veggie.  5Pcs 
  • French Fries   بطاطا  مقلية  (V)   
  • Falafel   فلافل : Deep fried  vegetable patty of chickpeas and parsley, mixed with our special blend of spices. (V)  ( 6Pcs , 12 Pcs) 
  • Arayes  عرايس :Ground beef meat-Stuffed Pita bread (2 Pitas)  

Cold : 

  • Hummus حمص : Chickpeas dip  with tahini ,garlic and lemon juice. (V) Baba Ghannouj  بابا غنوج : roasted eggplant dip with tahini and lemon juice, garlic. (V) 
  • Mthawwamih  مثومة (Garlic Sauce) :  Garlic whipped in Olive Oil  (V)  

Entrées الأطباق الرئيسية  

  • Mosakhan  مسخن  

 Sweet  caramelized onions on a Taboun bread, seasoned with Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, & Sumac, comes with Grilled half a chicken & served with Yogurt Cucumber Salad (Tzatziki)  

  • Dawalee دوالي  

  Juicy and delicious grape leaves stuffed with seasoned meat and rice, comes with a quarter chicken and served with Yogurt Cucumber Salad (Tzatziki)      

Entrées* :  All Entrées are served  as either  

Platter : Comes with seasoned rice and  your choice of side salad 

Wrap: Comes on a freshly baked  taboun bread and a side of French  fries  

  • SHISH KABOB  شيش كباب: Marinated beef charbroiled to perfection, served with grilled veggies (2 Skewers).  
  • CHICKEN SHISH TAWOOK  شيش طاووق : Charbroiled marinated chicken breast served with grilled veggies  (2 Skewers)  
  • KUFTA KABOB كفتة كباب: Marinated charbroiled  seasoned ground beef mixed with onion & parsley, served with grilled veggies (2 Skewers).
  • Mixed grill platter : One Skewer of each;  Shish Kabob, Chicken shish Kabob & Kufta Kabob.
  • Lamb chops ريش: Four lamb chops marinated with our special house seasoning.
  • Sawani Kufta  كفتة بالصينية : Charbroiled seasoned ground beef topped with your choice of Tomatoe OR Tahini sauce 
  • Grilled half chicken نصف دجاجة مشوية : Seasoned charbroiled half chicken  
  • Veggies SHISH KABOB (No meat)  خضرة مشوية : Grilled fresh seasonal vegetables (Tomatoes, Green pepper & Onions) served with a side of hummus, 

Daily meal

Dessert الحلويات   


  • Karabij halab كرابيج حلب  :   a crunchy fried semolina flour cookie, with syrup on top  
  • BAKLAVA بقلاوة : Layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup 
  • Maamoul معمول : Dates stuffed middle eastern cookie  
  • Hareesih هريسة : A sweet cake made of semolina batter and sweetened with simple syrup, with nuts on top. 
  • Warbat وربات :  crunchy layers of filo  pastry filled with a creamy custard and baked until golden topped with sweet sugar syrup 

Kids menu 

Each  meal  comes  with french fries and a soft drink OR white milk   $7.99  

  • Grilled bites platter : ome skewer of either  (Chicken tawook  or  Kufta kabob)
  • Chicken tenders  
  • Fire stone pizza  
  • Hot dog Fatayir


  • Soda (Coke, Diet Coke/Coke Zero, Sprite)

  • unsweetened Iced tea

  • Root Beer

  • Laban Ayran (Yogurt drink)

  • Lemonade (MinuteMaid) 

  • Strawberry banana smoothie

  • Mint & Lemon Smoothie

  • Mint Tea
  • Turkish coffee
  • American Coffee

(V) : vegan